Monthly Archives: July 2010


Interview: Graffiti Kings

Graffiti; is it vandalism or art? It’s a question that’s perplexed many for decades. The public are now beginning to embrace graffiti artists and their work, yet the authorities still consider them to be as much of a menace as mindless taggers who are simply looking for a way to relieve boredom. Consequently many legitimate […]


Video: Honda Dream Factory presents the Agents of Change

To coincide with the launch of the Honda CR-Z and the cars place in the annual ECO Rally we invited down Dream Factory Cultural Engineers, Agents of Change, to create an installation outside the Royal College of Art in london. Over the course of two days, Agents of Change created their interpretation of the CR-Z […]


Whitecross Street Party: Rise of the Non-Conformists

Fancy rubbing shoulders with leading artists this weekend? Then you need to hotfoot it down to the Whitecross Street Party which marks the opening of Rise of the Non-Conformists, a six week urban art exhibition in London’s East End, for two days of sun, fun and frivolity.


Interview: Inkfetish

I’ll be honest, I have never been the biggest fan of manga inspired art, yet it was such a piece on Curtain Road in East London which introduced me to the work of Inkfetish. The vibrancy and fine detail simply pulled me in, and I’ve been a fan ever since. For seven years streets around […]