Monthly Archive: May 2010


Banksy in New York

Banksy hit the the corner of Water St. and Jay St in NYC, alongside another on Cedar Street between Greenwich and Trinity. Photography: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest


Inkfetish at TBTC in Brighton

Sorry, for the delay on this post, which features Inkfetish’s recent work at the TBTC event in Brighton a week back. As ever, sterling work sir! FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest


PEN 1 hit Shoreditch this weekend

We’ve heard some things about a new artist who is about to heat up the scene and this weekend, PEN 1, hit Shoreditch with this stencil of Kate Moss. We’re...


Banksy in Boston and Detroit

Photo sources: child drawing house, dreams cancelled, diamond girl and tightrope rat, child drawing hill. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest


Malibu by U featuring Jimi Crayon

This spring, sees the launch of Malibu By U, a special limited edition bottle by the original coconut rum, Malibu. For the first time ever, the iconic white bottle has...