Monthly Archives: April 2009

White Canvas Project – The Movie

Lee Ellis

Bristol’s Lee Ellis painted his first big piece the other week, nice work. We’re constricted slightly by width but to see this and his other work in all its glory head over to his flickr here.


Sickboy & Word To Mother

We’re pretty late with this post, in fact we’re pretty late with a lot of news – our bad. Stay tuned over the next couple of days for some long overdue activity. Anyways, for more pics of Sickboy’s recent antics be sure to check out his shiney new blog over at After the jump-off […]


Graffiti in the community

What a brilliant advert for graffiti as a positive influence on communities. Let’s hope this is used as an example to encourage similar projects to roll out across the UK in the near future. For more from the graffiti crew that tutored the masterclasses featured on the video visit