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Street Art in The Observer newspaper

‘Twenty-five years ago I was doing one-man shows and street art was outcast; people thought it was outrageous. It was pretty hairy in those days, when graffiti artists would go out and paint trains. Then, it was all about getting your train seen from one side of the city to the other’ – Goldie Read […]


’12 Days of Xmas’ show, Bristol

Bristol’s ‘Steal From Work‘ crew have brought together an enviable list of works from all over the world for their Xmas group show which opens coming Friday at Stokes Croft. Check their site here for updates and more details.


Stolen Space Christmas group show

Pretty much every urban art gallery worth their salt is throwing a group show of some description in December and Stolen Space are no different. The private view for theirs is this Thursday December 4 (same night as the Nancy Victor PV) from 6.30-9.30pm. The full line-up of participating artists is as follows: *  ALEX […]


Lazarides’ ‘Outsiders’ show goes to Walsall

For those that didn’t get the chance to catch Lazarides’ ‘Outsiders‘ show in New York back in October, you’ll be pleased to hear that it will be making it’s way to The New Art Gallery in Walsall from December 5-January 25. The private view is this Thursday (December 4) from 6-8pm. No need for RSVPs […]


Before Chrome crew on VBS

We’re not sure where these vids have been hiding but we haven’t seen ‘em before. For more videos from VBS check their site here. Sweet Toof Tek 33 Cyclops


ATG video from

Check the results from when Current caught up with North London trailblazers ‘Ahead a’The Game‘. For more on ATG check their site here. After the jump view what one member of the crew has been getting up to in his new hometwon NYC.

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

Pure Evil in Australia

We haven’t heard much about this piece by Pure Evil, it’s turned up on an e-newsletter and on the P E site with little to no details. All we know is we like it… a lot. More info to follow shortly hopefully.


Overseas Talent: Jaybo at Circle Culture

So impressed with Jaybo‘s current show at the Circle Culture gallery in Berlin, we’ve decided to break clean out of our much loved UK shackles to cover some overseas activity. The show is on until February 1 2009, check the jump for a small gallery of pics.