Monthly Archive: October 2008


Interview: Hush

We caught up with man about toon, Hush, for a quick chat about his past, present and future before his new show, Desensitised, opens at Opus Underground on November 7....


Hush print release details

There will be two print releases from Opus Underground for Hush’s show, ‘Desensitised‘. Naughty Boys II (pictured) is the first one, from an edition of just 15 and priced at...


New print from Dolk

As seen at Cans earlier this year, ain’t she a beauty. To pick up the imaginatively titled ‘Paintbrush Girl’ for just £150, visit Hand Made Posters here. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest


New work from Hush, part II

Yet more new work is seeping out of Hush’s workshops in the lead up to his show which opens on November 6, and aren’t we pleased to see it. After...


Very Nearly Almost launch party

Very Nearly Almost are having a launch party for the relaunch/redesign of the magazine this coming Thursday, 30th October. Issue 7 is out soon and they’re putting the party on...


New work from Faile

As the crew put the finishing touches to their new show Lost in Glimmering Shadows, a few more creatives are beginning to leak out of the Faile vault. ‘Betrayal Story’ (pictured),...


Miss Led & Co hit the high street

Following hot on the heels of the Monorex boys’ Selfridges window display, Miss Led, Candy Lo, Sri Mckinnon, Kate Hawkridge and Tasha Whittle strolled up Oxford Street to deliver a piece...