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Interview: Hush

We caught up with man about toon, Hush, for a quick chat about his past, present and future before his new show, Desensitised, opens at Opus Underground on November 7. Read the full interview after the jump and check Opus here for more info on the show. Thanks to Opus and Hush for their time […]


Hush print release details

There will be two print releases from Opus Underground for Hush’s show, ‘Desensitised‘. Naughty Boys II (pictured) is the first one, from an edition of just 15 and priced at £250. Little Angels (Blades) is the other, can be viewed after the jump and similarly is from an edition of 15, but this time priced […]


Faile’s Lost In Glimmering Shadows: location

As well as naming the location of their forthcoming London show, Faile have also kindly released another image on their site (pictured). Apparently the image won’t feature in the show, it’s just another taster to whet our appetite. The show will be open daily from November 7-16 between 11am and 7pm (with a late night […]


New print from Dolk

As seen at Cans earlier this year, ain’t she a beauty. To pick up the imaginatively titled ‘Paintbrush Girl’ for just £150, visit Hand Made Posters here.


New work from Hush, part II

Yet more new work is seeping out of Hush’s workshops in the lead up to his show which opens on November 6, and aren’t we pleased to see it. After the jump check out a few more pieces from this star of tomorrow. Pics courtesy of our boys over the pond, Arrested Motion.


Very Nearly Almost launch party

Very Nearly Almost are having a launch party for the relaunch/redesign of the magazine this coming Thursday, 30th October. Issue 7 is out soon and they’re putting the party on at Concrete Hermit, 6-9pm Concrete Hermit, 5A Club Row, E1 6JX

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

UK Adapta’s ‘Attention Spam’ show

UK Adapta have picked 5 UK artists; Cyclops, D*Face, David Bray, Vesna Parchet and Word To Mother, for their first show taking place in Hong Kong from November 14 – December 10. For more info on the show visit their new exhibition-specific site here, and for more on UK Adapta in general visit their online […]


New work from Faile

As the crew put the finishing touches to their new show Lost in Glimmering Shadows, a few more creatives are beginning to leak out of the Faile vault. ‘Betrayal Story’ (pictured), is one such piece to feature in the show set to open on November 6 in a dis-used school in Vauxhall, a couple more after […]